Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bad, bad Reethi.

I'd like to say I've been frantically busy, and hence no posting. But really, its because my digital camera is buried somewhere, and I don't want to go look for it.

In chorus now, please. Bad, bad Reethi.

Moving Day

In brief news, I finally (after talking about it for a few months) have moved to Toronto. I like Toronto so far...

The people are nice - though they like to complain about how people in Toronto aren't nice. I'm not quite sure why.

The fabric is plentiful, if not cheap. I miss the dollar bin at WalMart, and my internal struggle between the cheapness, and feeling like I shouldn't be supporting WalMart with my purchase. (There's actually a lot of angst and conflict there, I'm from a third world country, but I'm a business major, I believe that globalization is largely a good thing for my country, but it does come with its own costs... lots of angst. Which is a topic for a different post, in a different blog, since this blog is more or less about crafting...) However, back to bitching about Toronto prices, ouch!!!! I got spoilt living in Michigan, clearly.

As an aside on the high Canadian prices, I paid $4.50 for a half pint of Guinness yesterday. $4.50. HALF-PINT. Given that my diet is fairly high in Guinness, this could hurt.

Then again, I can go to any number of ethnic eateries, aimed at Toronto's immigrant population, and get a filling meal for under $5. So I guess, little give, little take.

There's no Joann's here. Ok, this one is truly tragic. Maybe this makes me a bad person, but I like big-box fabric stores, with their plentiful supply of cheap fabric, and 40% off coupons. Given that about half the projects I make don't quite turn out as planned, cheap fabric is pretty much a must. Not to mention the 99c patterns, I loved those... (an aside to friends in Michigan. When coming to visit me, presents of fabric will be much appreciated. I will ply you with Indian food, in return.)

Ok, that wasn't brief at all.

Sweatshop sewing

My new thing is sewing clothes. I love the idea, especially since I've always been the type to look at something (anything) and go, "oh, I can make that". And no, I can't, or if I can, won't finish it all the way, and it will remain a UFO forever, but still.

So, bags haven't been made in months, but I did make:

- 4 skirts (waiting for me to sew a fastener onto the waistband...), using my exising Simplicity pattern.

- One rather sack-like dress,

- One shirt (all done!),

- Another shirt (waiting for bias binding at the neck and sleeves), this time, copied from a t-shirt I own,

- Another skirt, copied from a fun Gap skirt I own...

- And a pair of capris! (Which needs hemming and buttons, but I'm so pleased with myself!)

I promise I'll edit this post with pattern # and pics over the weekend.

Blogging favorites

I read, and love about a gazillion bloggers. But I do have a few special favorites, the blogs whose posts get read first on bloglines... And I think its because their lives are a little more similar to me - single and crafting, vs. married with kids.

Among them are...

AfricanKelli - the first blog I ever commented on! Kelli is fantastic, of course, and I love her blog for the mix of doing good, crafting and travel...

Cidell - my newest complete obsession (in a good and non-stalker like way...) Cidell sews up a storm, and I sat, the day I found this blog, until 3am in the morning, reading it, start to finish. As I slowly dip my toe in the sewing my own clothes world, Cidell is great inspiration.

Ok, its 1.34am. Time for bed. Seriously.

And I promise. Pics will follow over the weekend.