Sunday, September 24, 2006


Inspired by all the fabulous crafting blogs I've been reading, and by the great crafts I've been seeing on craftster , I've decided to start my own crafting blog.

I'm excited.

I finally finished pulling my swap package for craftster's 'Use what you have' swap. I've been really bad - its 4 days late now, but I'll go drop it off in the post early in the morning.

I made some fun things for this swap. As it stands right now, the package will have a sewn handbag, two simple clutches, a set of 4 placemats, a wall pocket, some felt coasters, some felt pins, and a necklace and bracelet.



The handbag 

Another shot of the handbag 

And the wall pocket, inspired by Sally Shim - I love the classic look of her wall-pockets - mine is much more scrappy. I didn't bother mounting it on a hard back - since it is being mailed to Portugal.

The Tigers are down 2 runs as I type. Ouch. C'mon, Tigers.