Thursday, July 28, 2011

Two versions of BWOF 11-2008-118

When in Montreal in early June, I bought a ton of fabric ($80 of damage, ouch.) But... I was at least a bit mindful to buy fabric that I would theoretically use this summer - mostly fabric to make easy knit dresses. It was some of this fabric I pulled out to make these two knit dresses.

This easy knit dress pattern has been on my radar since December 2008. (In fact, I've some other fabric sitting in my parents' basement that I bought specifically to make this dress. I should do that, no?) It is super easy - 4 pattern pieces (front, back, front sleeve & back sleeve). Goes together in less than a couple of hours... Love!

So, here are the two versions, made these last two weeks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from vacation!

Usually, I don't blog or sew because I'm too busy. This time though, I was also on vacation (yay!), which is the best reason for blog silence, no?

I went to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I loved Copenhagen. Amsterdam was filled with tourists and rainy, but I think I'd enjoy it a lot in spring or fall.

Of course, I bought fabric on vacation. Just one piece in each city though.

Copenhagen, Amsterdam (July 8-18, 2011)

So, I came back Monday afternoon from vacation, all refreshed and renewed, and almost immediately started on a dress. I've been slightly jet-lagged and waking up early, so I used the time well, traced out a BWOF dress from 2008(!), and made it up yesterday. I'm actually wearing it today, so will get a photo this evening. It is an easy jersey dress - 4 pieces, minimal fitting, and perfect in the heatwave that Toronto is going through.