Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giving in to temptation - McCalls 6112

I've been trying to stay away from the temptation of making easy, almost disposable pieces, but after the intensity of the quilt, I wanted a bit of a palate cleanser. So, I pulled out McCalls 6112 and went about making View A.

The flowers are in bloom, but I'm sure I could have removed the bags of sand. 

There's really nothing to say about this make. I used some knit fabric purchased a while back at Fabricland (yay, stashbusting!), and mucked around with the elastic around the waistline, ignoring the directions completely.

(Sometimes, I ignore directions completely because they are stupid - these directions weren't stupid, I don't think - but I ignored them because I was being lazy, and wanted to do something easier. My elastic is therefore visible on the inside, but I don't really care.) 

I don't think this dress is as strong a win as my previous 6112 make - which I really love. Still, it'll work just fine for lazy summer days, sitting on a patio, and sipping a beer. Which is really all that'll be required out of it.

Unwearable without the tank top, really. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Baby quilt time!

I love making baby quilts as gifts - they are super-distinctive, but piece up and quilt up a lot easier than a larger size. I even got to baste this on my dining table, vs. on the floor, and my back was thanking me!

The pattern - Finlay's Stars - is based off a Moroccan tile (and will be for sale soon on my Craftsy and Etsy pages, if there are any quilters reading here.) The most work here (apart from the actual quilting, which was a lot of work, since I rather painstakingly outline-quilted it) was trimming the half-square triangles to the right dimension, but apart from that, pretty smooth sailing.

Of course, I did have a lot of help with this quilt - Biscuit was intimately involved in both the quilting and the binding process!

Lots of pictures to follow - this project pretty much took over my life for all of the last week, so I'm going to show several photos of it!
All pieced-up, before adding a border 
Basting on a dining table...

Biscuit *helps* with the quilting...

Quilting detail. With bonus bits of thread, which hopefully came out in the wash... 

|Biscuit *helps* with the binding... (don't worry, I washed the quilt prior to giving it to the mom-to-be!)

Another photo of the finished quilt. I'm pretty impressed with my quilting diligence.