Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas crafting

Framed some toads that I'd painted in China last year for my friend Brian. I can't paint at all, but anything looks good matted and framed.

Crafting WIP

New Years resolution - finish one project before starting the next. Yeah, right.

1. Black bag for my cousin Priya. (Not yet started.)
2. U2 pillow for my friend Brian. (Half done.)
3. Wall hanging for Jan. (Half done.)
4. My dress. (Half done.)
5. Tote bag for my mom. (Half done, need to add interfacing.)
6. Red fleece blanket (Needs to be hemmed.)

Other things I'd like to make:

1. Postage stamp pendants
2. Soap
3. A Christmas tree skirt.
4. Christmas stockings, like these at Hable Construction .

And so much more...

Jan's wall hanging

inspired by this Motawi tile.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas tree. I didn't have one last year, so I'm extra-excited about this one.

And some favorite ornaments. I feel bad that so few of them are hand-crafted, but I'm always so rushed during the holiday season I never have time, and I forget the rest of the year. In order, the Michigan helmet Brian gave me last year, a pipe-cleaner snowflake ornament I made for my first tree, a beaded ornament I got in a swap, a gorgeous dove ornament, a mournful policeman? and a flower that I got on clearance after Christmas (I'm addicted to after-Christmas ornament sales), Bart, a present from a friend for my first tree, the spider and web in a swap, and the shoe was bought at Ikea this year.

I love ornaments.

Long time, no blog. But I've been crafting quite diligently.

I finished my quilt for Shirin, and sent it off, with a bag for her. I have no picture of the bag. But here's a picture of the quilt.

It was actually the worst quilting ever - I can make the tops, but I can't quilt to save my life. I have no patience.

I've been wanting a cable knit bag forever (since I saw it in Lucky.) So I went to the thrift store, bought a sweater and some black pleather, and made this bag. I'm not completely happy with it, I think its too large, don't like the shape, but it was good learning - since I've never sewn with a sweater. I might try this again, but with more patience.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fun mail day

It was a fun mail day yesterday. I received my swap package from Carla, which had the most amazing scarf in it. I can't knit or crotchet, and I find myself incredibly drawn to scarves and gloves and hats.

Fun swap package from Carla 

And Kelli sent me a really pretty wristlet! I really love it - it is exactly the kind of thing I'd be drawn to in a store, and talk myself out of buying. I think the best presents are things you would want to buy for yourself, but wouldn't.

My wristlet from Kelli 

I love days when the mail is more than bills.

Last night, I had good intentions of pinning and starting to quilt, but found out I had the wrong size batting. It was 8.00pm, so I could have run to the store if I'd really wanted, but I didn't. I instead watched Friends and the Patriots, and made these... (I don't know what I'm going to do with these many little necklaces - but they are easy to do, and so I still keep making them. Maybe Christmas presents?)

Necklace 1 

Necklace 2  

Monday, October 30, 2006

Two days of off and on work later - the top is done. Now I have to quilt. Bleah.

quilt top, completed 

I really don't like quilting. Or making quilt tops. I like projects that come together much quicker. However, I've made a major present for all my friends' children, and I feel terrible that Shirin's kid doesn't have one. Hence, I'm sucking it up and making this. I quite like how it looks though.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My aunt...

is an incredibly talented quilter and painter, who wades forth into new and ridiculously complicated patterns with a zest I can only admire afar. A few months back, I'd seen a picture of a leaf in a magazine that I'd asked her to paint for me.

Finally picked up my finished painting - voila!

Chandrama's paintings 

And in other crafting news, I have been crafting, but after putting together that big swap package, I've been crafting little stuff, a pair of earrings, another necklace I needed to re-do... But then yesterday, I figured I really needed to mail out my friend Shirin's package, with her birthday present, and I wanted to make her baby a baby quilt, so I've started piecing a quilt top. Its going to be a Trip around the world, and uses some of my fantastic african tie-dye that I really have too much of.

A picture or two...

Block un-pieced 

fabric close-up 

My friend Todd had a Halloween party Friday night. I knew about this for weeks, and yet I procrastinated on a costume. Finally, about 30 minutes before the party, I decided I was going as a window-sill. (It was a very last minute costume.) I appliqued (using very large stitches) some flower pots on an old sweater, added some fake flowers, attached a couple of clouds, and voila, I was set to go. It was a really lame costume, but a good conversation starter. Which I need, because I'm rubbish at parties where I don't know anyone.

The Tigers lost the World Series. I'm quite depressed. However, Michigan is kicking ass, and its almost the start of basketball season. November 18th, the big Michigan-Ohio State game is only a few weeks away, all in all, there's things to look forward to.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Swap goodies

I can't resist taking more photos of my package before I send it out... here's all the goodies...

All the swap goodies 

And details...

Felt coasters and jewelry 

Mushroom pins, inspired by Little Odd Forest 

Bleah. The Tigers lost. As one of my friends would say - poo.

A little bit of explanation of the Weekend Crafting name. I have the most ridiculously crazy job in the world, and I travel for work Monday through Thursday. And work insane hours during the week. I'm trying to change that, but in the meanwhile, all my crafting tends to be on the weekend.

I've been blissing out at home the last 2 weeks, which made me realize how much I love being in town.

Anyway. Midnight last night, after I saw the Tigers lose, I felt like I needed to make something. I have bags of fabric and three new patterns that I bought at Joann's last weekend, but I've never sewn a dress before, and I'm pretty sure my dress will be quite dismal as well as incredibly time-consuming.

So I choose to tackle something really simple. Way back, before I discovered flexible steel thread, I beaded some chains on thin wire, but of course, they didn't hang right and I never wore them. So I re-strung. A quick easy project crossed off the list.

Purple and green necklace 

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Inspired by all the fabulous crafting blogs I've been reading, and by the great crafts I've been seeing on craftster , I've decided to start my own crafting blog.

I'm excited.

I finally finished pulling my swap package for craftster's 'Use what you have' swap. I've been really bad - its 4 days late now, but I'll go drop it off in the post early in the morning.

I made some fun things for this swap. As it stands right now, the package will have a sewn handbag, two simple clutches, a set of 4 placemats, a wall pocket, some felt coasters, some felt pins, and a necklace and bracelet.



The handbag 

Another shot of the handbag 

And the wall pocket, inspired by Sally Shim - I love the classic look of her wall-pockets - mine is much more scrappy. I didn't bother mounting it on a hard back - since it is being mailed to Portugal.

The Tigers are down 2 runs as I type. Ouch. C'mon, Tigers.