Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Finally, some sewing.

I decided I don't care that my apartment is a mess, that I have boxes to unpack, and no room to sew (except the dining table, which is now the dining/sewing/laptop/all purpose table.) But it had been a long time with no sewing, and it was starting to be annoying.

My first vintage dress had been such a success that I wanted to keep at it. So, I pulled out Simplicity 5056 from the stash (I found it at a Value Village...) and got sewing.

Isn't this beautiful? I loved the back view with the belt and the buttons.

My fabric is a cotton navy blue & white mini-houndstooth, almost. It had been sitting in the stash for a few months, and this dress seemed a good way to use it.

And here is the dress. It went together easily, nothing really complex here at all. The belt is sewn into the side seams, and buttons at the back.

Is it just me, or are there mistakes I keep making over and over? In this case, I know, with every fiber of my being, that I am not a size 8. Did I grade up? Umm, no. I hoped the pattern ease would take care of it.

Umm, no. Let's just say that for these photos, I'm really, really sucking in my stomach. I will wear this dress out if I stay away from beer + go to the gym everyday + go back on Dr. Joshi + lose 10 lbs. Until then, it can hang in my closet, looking pretty.

The back photographed way wonkier than it actually is. In person, I think its fine.

Also worthy of comment - I can't topstitch worth a damn. Look at how wonky the bodice is! I need a topstitching foot, patience, and proper thread. Bleah.

Despite the moaning above, I actually really like this dress. I'd love to make it again, this time in the right size, and with the right tools.

Final comment - wow, it is HARD to photograph oneself! My mom and brother have been serving as my photographers, but neither was around today. Next time, I'll wait for them.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Little bits of nothing...

I'm in the middle of a major sewing stop. All I've done in the month of July is unpack boxes in my new apartment. Yet, as I type this, I'm still surrounded by chaos, so I'm not convinced I'm doing anything... I've invited people over on Thursday, thereby setting myself a deadline. Nothing like people coming over to force you to clean your house.

I had a little shock when I unpacked my fabric boxes and found tons of fabric! Ok, I'm now officially drowning in fabric, and I will make the big resolution. NO FABRIC (NEW, THRIFT, ANYTHING) UNTIL NOVEMBER. Three months is a good first step, I think.

Sigh. I really want to sew! Cleaning sucks.