Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sarah and me are doing a personal swap - I'm trading some of my ridiculously huge stack of African tie-dye fabric for hand-knit socks. Yay!

The stash...

In other news, I owe my mom a blog entry. Unlike me, whose WIP piles are ridiculously large, my mom is quite good at finishing projects she starts. But she does take forever to decide on a project to start! Case in point - my mom bought a sewing machine in September - it took her until January to open it and start using it. (4 months! That's ridiculous!) And that was with a lot of persuation (actually, I went to visit, and opened it myself. It was driving me crazy!)

But now that its open, she's making a very nice quilt for her neighbor's new baby, with some remnant half-triangle squares and assorted fabric. Here's a picture of it in progress...

And there you go, Ma. Blog entry.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I should have worked on the WIP list...

but instead I made this, from the free Pet Bird pattern at the Puchi Collective. I made it 4 times larger though, since I wanted to machine sew it.

I love how it came out! Next time though, I'll use better felt, not the cheap acrylic kind, and I might play around with the pattern to lessen the hand-stitching. I must be a slow sewer (or the TV in the background distracts me) - I think this one took almost 3 hours to make!

Monday, January 08, 2007

My WIP list is getting smaller - I finished Jan's wall hanging. My camera batteries were dead, so no photo. Yet. It came out quite nicely, despite the 800 problems I had with it and my sewing machine. (Maybe I need a new sewing machine? Mine's 10 years old.)

Wonder what I should tackle next?