Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas crafting

Framed some toads that I'd painted in China last year for my friend Brian. I can't paint at all, but anything looks good matted and framed.

Crafting WIP

New Years resolution - finish one project before starting the next. Yeah, right.

1. Black bag for my cousin Priya. (Not yet started.)
2. U2 pillow for my friend Brian. (Half done.)
3. Wall hanging for Jan. (Half done.)
4. My dress. (Half done.)
5. Tote bag for my mom. (Half done, need to add interfacing.)
6. Red fleece blanket (Needs to be hemmed.)

Other things I'd like to make:

1. Postage stamp pendants
2. Soap
3. A Christmas tree skirt.
4. Christmas stockings, like these at Hable Construction .

And so much more...

Jan's wall hanging

inspired by this Motawi tile.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Christmas tree. I didn't have one last year, so I'm extra-excited about this one.

And some favorite ornaments. I feel bad that so few of them are hand-crafted, but I'm always so rushed during the holiday season I never have time, and I forget the rest of the year. In order, the Michigan helmet Brian gave me last year, a pipe-cleaner snowflake ornament I made for my first tree, a beaded ornament I got in a swap, a gorgeous dove ornament, a mournful policeman? and a flower that I got on clearance after Christmas (I'm addicted to after-Christmas ornament sales), Bart, a present from a friend for my first tree, the spider and web in a swap, and the shoe was bought at Ikea this year.

I love ornaments.

Long time, no blog. But I've been crafting quite diligently.

I finished my quilt for Shirin, and sent it off, with a bag for her. I have no picture of the bag. But here's a picture of the quilt.

It was actually the worst quilting ever - I can make the tops, but I can't quilt to save my life. I have no patience.

I've been wanting a cable knit bag forever (since I saw it in Lucky.) So I went to the thrift store, bought a sweater and some black pleather, and made this bag. I'm not completely happy with it, I think its too large, don't like the shape, but it was good learning - since I've never sewn with a sweater. I might try this again, but with more patience.