Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bleah. The Tigers lost. As one of my friends would say - poo.

A little bit of explanation of the Weekend Crafting name. I have the most ridiculously crazy job in the world, and I travel for work Monday through Thursday. And work insane hours during the week. I'm trying to change that, but in the meanwhile, all my crafting tends to be on the weekend.

I've been blissing out at home the last 2 weeks, which made me realize how much I love being in town.

Anyway. Midnight last night, after I saw the Tigers lose, I felt like I needed to make something. I have bags of fabric and three new patterns that I bought at Joann's last weekend, but I've never sewn a dress before, and I'm pretty sure my dress will be quite dismal as well as incredibly time-consuming.

So I choose to tackle something really simple. Way back, before I discovered flexible steel thread, I beaded some chains on thin wire, but of course, they didn't hang right and I never wore them. So I re-strung. A quick easy project crossed off the list.

Purple and green necklace 

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