Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cidell tagged me for 8 things you didn't ask to know about me. First time being tagged, so I'm excited to play. Here goes...

1. Apart from sewing and crafting, the other things I enjoy doing are watching football and drinking beer. I actually like drinking beer so much that when I moved to Toronto, I immediately started a beer group to go drink beer with me. The inherent contradictions in my choice of hobbies (girlie vs. beer slob on couch watching football) amuse me.

2. I have many good qualities, I'm nice, good-humored and generous, but I'm also incredibly messy, and the world's worst procrastinator. Case in point - I sewed up four skirts in July, and all I had left to complete and wear them over summer was attaching a hook and eye to them. Yeah, still not done. Hence, didn't wear any of the skirts over the summer. I'm idiotic like that.

3. I never mention my blog to casual friends. In fact, the only people that know about my blog are my family, and three of my friends.

4. My parents used to live in Africa. I bought so much fabric when I visited, that I have a whole suitcase of gorgeous fabric sitting somewhere (in storage, since I'm between apartments.)

5. I stay friends with ex-boyfriends. My entire family thinks this is pretty strange. I tend not to worry about it.

6. Reethi is my real first name. Its Indian, I grew up in India.

7. I'm addicted to email. I check email every 10 secs. But I procrastinate on replying...

8. I'm writing a children's novel. My deadline is November end. I WILL finish this by then. (Ok, I've now stated this publicly, so more pressure.)

That's my 8. I'm tagging no-one, or everyone. If you read this, and want to play, please do!


Chicago Sarah said...

Yay! I'm going to do my list soon... But *grin* when I read your #8 I misread it and thought you were writing a chicken's novel. I have complete confidence you will get it done on time (you work well under pressure AND you've got all this blog pressure now).

cidell said...

I want to see your fabric!!