Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On patterns: Finally finding a pattern sale in Canada (Fabricland, all Simplicity patterns for $1.99), I added the following patterns to my pattern collection.

Simplicity 3692 - inspired by this dress, by Jenny which its not identical to, but I'm not upto drafting patterns...
Simplicity 3838 and Simplicity 4020 - inspired by this idea on Nibbles and Bytes
Simplicity 3631 - ever since Sew Stylish did an entire magazine with this pattern...
Simplicity 4074 - I'm going to be brave and try a knit dress one of these days... this is for that day.

On muslins: I don't make muslins. I might have mentioned this before? And I think its because I really don't buy expensive fabric - I'm super-cheap like that. I don't think I've ever paid more than $7 a yard. And $7 - that's really expensive for me. Usually, I pay $2. Or $3. Which makes everything I make a muslin, I guess. If I ever bought expensive fabric, I'm sure I'd make sure the pattern worked for me.

On photos: My camera is still hiding. I'll hunt it up, since I made a dress I want to take a picture of. I found the fabric in Bouclair's $1 remnant bin, and using some trim my mom was going to throw away, and $5 in lining (the most expensive part of the project) I made a dress I'm hoping will be quite wearable. I'm proud of my ~$6 dress.


Chicago Sarah said...

You are really settling in when you find the pattern sales...congrats. :) I'm working on my first knit anything, a nightgown, and I'm quaking in fear. Even pinning it was weird. So hurry up already with the dress. heehee

cidell said...

I'm with you on the muslins. But, the thing is,it's so much easier to make the second time around. But it *is* the second time around. Now, I only do them for things that I think I might have trouble fitting.

Thanks for the Fashion Incubator link!