Monday, November 19, 2007

Can anybody say ugly?

Seriously, what were people (me included, probably) thinking in the 80s?

This pattern was part of a mystery pattern 2-pack I bought at the thrift store today. I could only see the back of the pattern, and it looked quite harmless from the back. Little did I know...

I could pitch it, of course, (or honestly, if you read this blog, and want this pattern, just email me - I'll be glad to mail it to you...) but ever since that Sew Stylish issue, I've been wanting to try serious pattern surgery. This pattern is perfect for that.

First off, I'm planning on raising the front skirt right up to the waist - so its flat across, not (umm) pointing towards the crotch. (Seriously, what were they thinking?!!!!)

Next up, I'll widen and lower the neckline. Severe is not a look that works for me.

After that, I think I'll raise the arm hole thingy to be tighter.(I know it has a real sewing name, but I don't know what it is. I'm an idiot.) No baggy sleeves for me.

It goes without saying that any shoulder pads will be eliminated. And finally, I'll definitely get the length to slightly shorter than my knee.

I think, if I manage to do all that I'm imagining I'll do, I'll end up with a low rent version of this
(Ok, this dress has princess seams, the Burda dress doesn't, but this dress is close to the sort of look I'm going for.)

Or, since I own the Burda magazine, I could just trace the dress I want... hmm. Still, this will be a fun project.

I'll take photos as I go along...

And in case you were wondering what the nice pattern was in the mystery pack, it was this one below... I was drawn to the shawl collar, and the shirtdress, and the retro feel this one had. Its completely not my size, but hey. I can fudge.


cidell said...

well... I had that 80s style dress. Mine had a great big lace collar. Yuck. And it was a brown floral. Heaven save me from being hit upside the head with Laura Ashely again.

Chicago Sarah said...

I had a few of those dresses. Made one of them myself, oh so proud....that was back in the day when I weighed 130 pounds and was six feet tall. I'm still six feet tall... *grin* But I'm not trying that style again.