Friday, March 07, 2008

Black & White & Yellow all over...

I'm pondering about entering the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest.

Inspiring me are these images from the Spiegel website. Evidently, I really like yellow.

And this bag!!!!

The contest needs 10 total pieces:

1. The bag - if not similar, then inspired by the bag above
2. A jacket - the yellow. I've been wanting to learn how to make a jacket, so this is good. Don't really know what pattern I'm going to use - but I'll make my jacket have full sleeves, I think.
3. White pants - using Simplicity 4135
4. Black or dark gray pants - also using Simplicity 4135.
5. White pencil skirt. I think there's a pattern in one of my BWOFs.
6. Black shirt - I've been wanting to make BWOF 07-2007 115 I've also never made a fitted shirt, so lots of adventure ahead.
7. Black tank top.
8. Yellow printed drawstring shirt. Kind of like this BWOF 03-2008-111 tunic.
9. Solid yellow shirt. Not quite sure what pattern to use.

Which leaves another bottom to plan. Hmm. Maybe a printed skirt - same print as the shirt?

10 pieces though is a really aggressive goal, and I do have other things to do between now and the end of April. I'm also seriously trying to avoid buying fabric, and I'll have to buy at least a little for this challenge. I'm not sure if its worth it... Thoughts?


Sew Shy said...

I think you should go for it. I mean, judging from how well you seem to work under tight deadlines (how many pajamas at Christmas time? and of course, your last minute entry and successful completion of a DIFFICULT dress for the RTW contest), I think you can certainly finish all 10 pieces by the end of April. The bag and pants, you can probably do this weekend, even. Either way, you'll have a bunch of new clothes to wear - nothing can beat that!

cidell said...

Considering what you came up with and managed to do for the RTW contest, I think you make anything. And you should love yellow, it looked fantastic on you!

Dawn said...

Do it!!! It really keep you motivated since there is a deadline and so many other people are part of the contest!

Tany said...

What a wonderful coordinating wardrobe! Magnificent!