Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penny-wise, pound-foolish...

Here's a confession - I do stupid sewing things.

Like - using the color of thread that's already in the sewing machine, rather than matching my thread. (I've been slowly weaning myself away from this doozy of a bad habit.)

Like - buying thin knit fabric instead of knit underlining (because the former was less than $2, and the latter was $7). Then realizing that above-mentioned knit fabric stretches ridiculously due to gravity, and is completely useless as underlining. (Thankfully for my white pants, I realized this before using the damn thing as underlining.)

Like using the above-mentioned knit fabric as lining for my yellow jacket. Oh, why oh why am I such an idiot? Let me see why I reached for it - oh, yeah. Because it was already there. And it was the only light color lining-like thing I had lying around.

Hmm - contrasting with that, let me list the reasons why I should not have used the damn thing.

1. It curls like the devil. (If the devil curled?) I've had to pin the fabric practically every inch to stitch a straight seam.
2. Like I mentioned before, it stretches. Ridiculously. My knit fabric, though cut the exact same size as my jacket, has already stretched 1.5 inches longer. (And this is the less-stretchier grain.)
3. And in order to compensate for 2, I just finished pinning all my princess seams together, lining & fabric, in order to stitch in the ditch on the fashion side to stabilize the lining somewhat.

I am such an idiot. My mom looked at me the other day (after hearing about my skirt saga, where, again, I used some white cloth as lining because it was there, which I now have to rip out) and said she thought I was penny-wise, pound-foolish. I think she might have a point.

And while I'm about it, a wardrobe update...

Yup, from the last update, a week ago, I've managed to finish one piece. Yeah. Life intervened, in the form of my birthday, much drinking (because of the birthday), nursing hangovers (also, birthday), window shopping and general goofing around. I'll still finish, I think, but I'm getting pretty close to the last minute here.


Top - McCall 4923
Top - Simplicity 4076
Skirt - Simplicity 3962
Top - BWOF 03-2008-110
Skirt - Simplicity 3631 (ok, bit optimistic to put it here, but anyway.)
Top - Butterick 4985

In varying stages of construction:

Jacket - BWOF 03-2008-117
Pants - Simplicity 4135
The bag - I've sort of made a pattern which will hopefully do.

Worrying me, since they are completely uncut:

Skirt - BWOF 03-2008-114 (untraced too, eek!)

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Tany said...

Everyone makes mistakes, and with time and your experience growing, you'll notice these mistakes to be less and less. Sewing is a never ending experience! Keep up the good work!