Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad, bad, out-of-control Reethi

I confess - I can't walk past fabric without buying it. Every time I sew one thing from the stash (e.g. - the McCalls 5621) I seem to add 5 things to it.

Case in point, the last 3 days. (In my defense, I've been stressed about something, and I think I was stress-shopping). In the last 3 days, I've bought:

On Saturday:

1. A yellow, white and grey knit - 2 meters at Fabricland. I think I'm making BWOF 04-2008-116 with it. There are some great examples of this dress sewn up - Adrienne's, and Tany's come to mind immediately. Though my version will not be as long - since I'm too short to wear long dresses.
2. A grey stretch twill-type fabric (I think it is cotton). Bought to make BWOF 04-2008-113 This is a 2.5 dot pattern, and I'm definitely sewing above my sewing ability. But that's sort of the point, I think, if I don't stretch myself, I won't learn.
3. A blue knit, bought solely because it was $1.77 a yard. In my defense, I've already sewed this up - I made a t-shirt dress. I'll do a post on that when I take a photo.

On Sunday:
Nothing, I was good.

On Monday:

I was stressing extra-hard, but I only bought one piece of fabric. A white and red print, at Value Village - $1.50. Its some kind of polyester, I think, but it doesn't feel icky against my skin. Its the leftmost fabric in the picture, and was $1.50 for 2+ yards (half off day at Value Village.)

On Tuesday:

I'd gone to a sari store near home called Lishkara. They have a lot of fabric there, mostly ethnic Indian, and a few that aren't. They also have a remnant section, and in there, I found the rightmost 3 pieces of fabric - all for $1 each. (Come on! At that price, how could I not?) There's a meter of one of the blues and the yellow, and two meters of the other blue.

The yellow is the same as my Versace knock-off dress. I bought it because I haven't been wearing the dress, and I think its because its backless. I had no fabric left, so I bought some fabric to add a back panel. I think I'll have to take apart the top completely to do that, I'm hoping it won't be too big an undertaking.

So, sigh. I'm out of control. (Notice, I'm not actually promising to stop.)

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Chicago Sarah said...

That's not bad at all. My stash is so out of control (and space is SO tight with the boy moving in) that I've resorted to letting my sewing friends come over and "shop the stash". It's not helping that much...