Sunday, June 22, 2008

Twin disasters!

I went out last night to listen to a Cajun band. Wore my red dress - and promptly proceeded to spill a glass of red wine over it. Sigh. This is why I drink beer.

So, dress is in sink right now, with milk poured over the stain. (Internet advice for how to get out a red wine stain yielded a ton of suggestions - I'm working my way through them sequentially.)

Sigh. I loved this dress so much!

Other disaster - I've been sewing McCall 4826 in a pink striped seersucker that's been lying around in my stash for a few months. Like a complete idiot, I forgot to adjust for my short torso. I attached the painstakingly ruffled skirt yesterday afternoon, and UGGGHHHH!!!! I haven't had a sewing yuck moment in a while, but this one was it. The ruffles started at my hip, leading to an overwhelming resemblance to a whale!

So now, I have to rip out the skirt stitching, cut an inch or two of the front center waistband, and reattach. I might also have to take out 4-5 inches of fullness on the back skirt - its huge! I don't need 7 feet of fabric bunched up at my waist. Insane!

Bah. Not fun. I'm cranky.


Dawn said...

:( :( I'm sorry about your red dress! I hope the wine comes out.

Kath said...

I've heard that white wine will take out red wine stains...
I hope you get the stain's such a pretty dress!

Kelroc said...

Aw, sorry about the red wine incident and the sewing mishap,but don't worry once you steady your nerves you will be back on track.