Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sewing pattern review - BWOF 02-2009-124

More from the Feb 2009 BWOF issue. There's a lot of great versions of this dress - however, the one that made me trace and sew was Allison's fantastic version.

This dress was supposedly a muslin. The fabric is a 15-year old dupatta that I've been meaning to turn into some kind of dress. (My version is unlined.)

Holding the pattern up to me, I figured I didn't need to take any inches off the torso, which turned out to be decidedly untrue. At that point, however, the zipper was already in, so I took an inch off the shoulders instead. When I make it again, I'll also add a bit of extra ease at the hip, it feels a bit snug to me.

Otherwise, the dress was super-easy in construction, and sewed up quickly.

Good things:
This dress just goes to show, you don't need complicated patterns - sometimes the simplest pattern looks pretty good.

Bad things:
Well, it isn't a bad thing necessarily, but this dress turned out way dressier than I would have imagined - mostly because of the gold detail in the fabric. I haven't worn it yet - since relatively few of the things I go to involve dressing up to this extent.

Conclusion: I'm actually going to sew another (less dressy) version tonight, since I'm going out tomorrow, and have decided I've nothing to wear. So, its fairly safe to say I really like this pattern.


cidell said...

Not even for work? Or Friday happy hour? It's too cute to go to waste!

AllisonC said...

You have to wear this dress, it looks fabulous! I'm going to make more of this one too, I'm glad I inspired you to try it.

Summerset said...

I'm with Cidell on this one! This looks great on you as the does the green color. Wear it!

anuradha said...

What a lovely way to use an old dupatta!!Looks fabulous on you!Anuradha.

Catherine G said...

Your cat is so pretty! My cat used to lay on my homework and books when I tried to study...

I've given you the honest scrap award! Check out my latest post for the details!