Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing pattern review - BWOF 07-2009-120

I'm not actually sure why I made this dress. Let's see - Tany's top was very inspirational. I was looking for a quick, easy project, which this was (sort of.) Also helping was the fact that I had the fabric handy. Finally, I definitely have a personal style that's sort of boring, and I thought this dress would jolt me out of it.

All of which remain true.

But then, I look at this dress and ask - where would I wear it, really? (Blog readers, if you exist. Please comment! Should this dress be worn at all? And if so, where?)

Anyway, all of that aside, construction details.

A gift from my mom's friend. She went to India, and got me two saris to cut up. (I think my mom is getting heartily sick of me going into her closet and stroking her saris covetously.) This was a bit of one of them.

It is a polyester chiffon-like fabric, a giant PIA to work with. Slipped like crazy, so it is a good thing this pattern will tolerate that kind of thing. I lined it with a solid green rayon-ish fabric. (Which I happened to have lying around, score!)

Pattern: BWOF 07-2009-120. A weird mix of views A & B. I wanted a dress, but with short sleeves.

Pattern adjustments: A fair bit. When I first made this up, in a size 38, it was huge on me, and perfectly shapeless. I took 2-3 inches off the sides, to get it to present shape. I followed their instructions about adding elastic, since I really needed it. My sleeves aren't also as much off-the-shoulder as the patterns, because I took inches off the side, which ended up shortening the sleeves.

Also, since I lined it, I didn't bother with bias strips at the neck, I just sewed the lining together with the fabric at the neck, right sides together, flipped, and top-stitched.

Time taken: This is generally quick, but it took me a couple of evenings because I was fiddling around with it, trying to avoid the shapeless effect, and doing things to prevent the fabric from fraying like the devil (FrayStitch.)

Good things: Well, it does take me outside my clothing rut. Also, sewing a BWOF pattern the same month? Haven't done that in about a year, I think. This pattern is also pretty easy to put together, which is good.

Bad things: Where do I wear this? Really? Where? My life needs more martini-drinking with girlfriends, I think.

Post-script: I'm loosely tempted to make this again, in a sheer black. I won't, since I own about 10 black dresses. But I am tempted.

Also, I do realize I'm wearing it off the wrong shoulder. Who knew? I've never worn an off-the-shoulder anything before.


Kristy said...

Your dress looks great, so yes definately give it at least one wearing out! And that's the great thing about sewing, making things you wouldn't normally or often wear because it doesn't cost you tons of money to experiment

Shannon said...

Looks great! Heck, I'd wear it to the mall, out grocery shopping, out to lunch with friends. For work, I'd layer a cardigan over it and add a belt for waist definition. The asymmetrical neckline would look interesting under the cardi.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this pattern made up, it's a different style. I had the same thought when I first saw the pattern in the BWOF "where would I wear this? Shannon has a good answer!
What I love about sewing, is that I can make clothes I wouldn't even think of trying on at the mall. I go out of my confort zone, and try new styles, even if I end up not wearing it in public, I wear it at home.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that I also agree with Shannon about the belt to define the waist, and make a new style out of the dress. It can be worn loose or with a belt. And I really like your fabric, the color fits you well!

Christina said...

I see this dress for Saturday night dinner. Too bad we don't live closer, I'd be one of your martini-drinking girlfriends!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is easier to ask where you would see other people wearing it. I had an outfit that I couldn't picture myself wearing, but I could totally see some polished, put together woman wearing it while sitting at a cafe that has ouside decks, sipping a drink.

I remember my first shopping trip with a new boyfriend. I was looking at something similar to what was already in my closet. He asked "Why are you looking at that?" I said "This is the kind of thing I wear." His reply was "That's who you were...Who do you want to be?" I realized I wanted to be that pulled together woman sipping drinks on at the cafe.

Beautiful dress for a beautiful lady. Wear it with ease and pride.

Diane Drexel

Anna R. said...

I know I'm late to the comments but I have to say, you are such a good sport to reveal projects you consider a disaster. I've been sewing thirty years and I STILL sometimes make something that is so 'not me' I never wear it. I too would not have occasion for an off the shoulder dress, something I learned long ago from having to constantly hitch an item into place or restrict movement to keep it from falling off. Thanks, Reethi.