Monday, December 21, 2009

Ambitious sewing plans

I've just arrived (along with parents and brother) in Myrtle Beach to spend Christmas with my other brother.

We'll be here for about a week, and I'm incredibly excited about a week of free time. I've brought books to read, games to play, and best of all, a line-up of sewing projects.

(A friend gave me her old Elna, which I'm going to try. If not, another sewing machine will be bought. I cannot live without a sewing machine, the day after my machine died, I felt like my arm had been cut off.)

Here's what I hope to get done (or started) while I'm here. (Call me ambitious.)

And there's 4 others, all from various past issues of BWOF.

Call me crazy.

1 comment:

Summerset said...

You're not crazy! It is fun to have choices even if you don't get to sew all of them.