Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Handkerchief Quilt Top - Part 1

I've wanted a handkerchief quilt for a few years now. The biggest part of the appeal is that it is very easy to sew. (Although, my decorating style is more ethnic, and less cottage-country, which is what this quilt is shaping up to be.)

I've 49 blocks to sew for this - and have sewn about half of them already (shown in the picture above.) In the next week, I hope to finish this up.

It should measure about 87"x87" when done. I'm going to India in January or February, and I'll get it quilted then. Getting someone else to quilt is the impetus behind the recent flurry of quilting projects.

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Summerset said...

Pretty and what a great way to showcase those handkerchiefs!