Saturday, January 02, 2010

I think I'm going to have to buy a new sewing machine...

Will you help, please? I could really use recommendations. Many thanks!

(I don't have a budget, per-se, but I'm naturally cheap - insert Russell Peters bit here about Indian cheapness - but at the same time, I'm pretty sick of having carcasses of sewing machines lying around that die every two years or so.)


redhotpepper said...

I've been very pleased with my Viking Rose. The Rose isn't a current model but the quality has been very good.

I actually bought it off ebay and I don't think it had been used much when I got it.


Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with my workhorse HuskyStar 224, which is several years old and NEVER causes any trouble. (Sewing can be challenging enough, I don't need my machine arguing with me.) I also love the fact that it doesn't require expensive Viking parts, even though it is made by them - it uses standard low-shank snap-ons, and i can easily remove the ankle to screw on non-snap-ons as well. It is drop-in bobbin, has needle up/down, adjustable speed and foot pressure, needle threading, and a reasonable repertoire of stitches - decorative, stretch/utility, buttonholes. I just checked the Husquvarna site and the current machine that is nearly identical (only with a couple even better features) is the Emerald 122. You can check it out if you copy/paste this link:

Once you have one of these, you will never reqret it. Have fun choosing your new baby!


AllisonC said...

This probably won't help you much, I expect we all have our own favourites, but (fingers crossed this doesn't jinx it!) my Brother has been fantastically reliable, it's over 10 years old a model they don't even make anymore and was not expensive. If and when I replace it, it's definitely another brother for me.