Saturday, May 01, 2010

Me Made May - Day 0, creeping into Day 1.

I dug this dress out of the laundry last night so I could wake up in official Me-Made-May style. (This t-shirt dress quickly got converted into a lounging/sleeping dress, partly because it is so comfortable, and partly cause it highlights the tummy, and I therefore won't wear it outside the house.)

I'm still lounging, but when I eventually get up and get going (something that does not happen in the mornings on the weekend, sleeping-in is amazing, and I look forward to the weekends mainly for that!) I will take photos...

1 comment:

Uta said...

Haha, that could have been me digging in the laundry! Lucky I found my top. (And I envy you so! DD woke me at 7 am and had no mercy.)