Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cocktail Dress - I picked a pattern

First though - hey - I had comments! Thanks! Angeal - I love McCalls 6113, but unfortunately, I don't have this pattern in my stash, and it is just too complicated to get to Fabricland to buy the pattern. But for the future - I agree, this would showcase my fabric beautifully.

So, the pattern I picked was a bit boring, but I've a hidden motive here.

My hidden motive - I want to use some satin fabric I bought in Toronto a couple of months back to make a maxi version. It wasn't cheap fabric, and I want a couple of tries to perfect the bodice fit.

For my cocktail dress though, I'm going to make the short length, halter top version, in a beatiful midnight-blue silk.

Up next - muslin making! I normally don't bother, but I don't have time to fail here. I want to make a wearable muslin though. If I elect to stay at home tomorrow night, then perhaps I can get it all done tomorrow!

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RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

You're welcome. I was having trouble typing yesterday. My name is actually Angela.
Please make sure you post photos of your completed dress.