Monday, August 09, 2010

Draft 2 in the quest for the perfect wrap dress

While the changes I wanted to make were still fresh in my mind, I took some length off the bodice, and cut a second version out last night. At lunch today (the joys of living close to work are many), I quickly basted up the dress. Here's version 2.0...

Much better! I still think the bodice needs to be a tad shorter, and the midriff band needs to hit slightly higher on my waist, but atleast I don't have the hideous amounts of excess fabric. When I sew this up (sadly, much later this week, I've plans all the way through Wednesday), I'll take an additional half-inch or maybe even an inch off the bodice length at the midriff.

Looking at this picture, I realize that I should always remember to take a half-inch off the width of the shoulder. My shoulders are not as broad as the sloper that the Big-4 draft for, but this is one fitting adjustment that has not yet become second nature for me.

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Kristy said...

when I used to work close to home I would watch Dr Phil and nap at lunchtimes! Can't wait to see your finished dress after all the effort you're putting in