Friday, August 06, 2010

On the sewing table...

In case you were wondering if I'm getting any sewing done between having awesome lunches, roaming around the continent, and drooling over clothes I want - the answer is - kind-of, sort-of.

New Look 6674 was cut in the middle of July. It's been sitting in the queue ever since, but last night, I pulled it out and spent about an hour working on it. In that hour, all I could do was stitch the darts (ah, darts, how I hate you!), and stitch the skirt seams, but still - it's a start. I'm hoping to have it done this weekend.

I'm making it in this purple fabric, which I bought in India during my crazy February must-buy-all-fabric-in-India shopping trip.

If this works out right, and if the planets align, and give me some spare time, I'd like to cut out two more versions, and sew them up before the 15th, and enter the One Pattern, Many Looks contest. Wrap dresses are awesome, and they tend to flatter my body. Adding 3 wrap dresses to my wardrobe would make me pretty happy.

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