Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speedy Summer Skirt Sewing

Ok, fair enough, the title of this post is rather over-the-top cute.

I had *no* business buying this remnant at Fabricland, but the colors were pretty, it was $1.50, and let's face it, I have no will-power about remnants. I knew I wanted to make a very easy skirt with it, and so, this evening, while the TV was droning on in the background, I quickly made this no-pattern-required skirt.

I'm sure the construction is perfectly obvious, but this is just a rectangle, sewn on to some wide black elastic (I bought this in Montreal to make a belt, but then I didn't find the buckle I wanted, so this is a good use for it.) Stitch the two ends together, to form the center back seam et voila! As is typical for me, I've decided that the hems of knit skirts don't need finishing.

And now, I must go tidy the chaos that is my apartment. So boring!


anuradha said...

WOW!That looks lovely and super quick too!

Shannon said...

Nothing better than a speedy skirt from an inexpensive remnant!! Super cute!

alethia said...

I really like your skirt.