Thursday, September 30, 2010

Accessories - my version of Anthroplogie's Three-Piece Belt

Here's Anthropologie's version.

And here's mine. I left off the welt pockets (welt pockets in one evening? surely you jest.) I made it narrower than the Anthro version, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

"Wait a minute, Reethi!", alert readers might remark. "Weren't you going to make an obi belt?"

Why yes, that was the plan. Except, I pulled out the pleather, and I definitely didn't have enough to make the long ties. So, I had to do some fast thinking today, and draft up this alternative. Which I actually like quite a bit.

Construction details:

- I free-handed the front and side pieces of the belt, and then cut out 4 pieces of each (left front, right front, left facing & right facing.)
- Sewed the front & side pieces together.
- The back is a wide black piece of elastic, wrapped in a brown tube to completely cover it. (In Anthro's belt, they use what appears to be suede. I used some leftover brown knit I had lying around.)
- I sandwiched the back between the belt front & facing, and edge-stitched the pleather.
- The belt is fastened with hook & eye closures, that are hand-sewn on.
- Finally, the buttons are stitched on top, also hand-sewn on.

It wasn't a difficult project, but it did take the *entire* evening to construct. Ah well. I'd like to think it was worth it.

Also, you'd have seen it in the poncho pictures last night, but I did change the game plan on the grey belt as well. I decided to keep it simple, and make a 1.5 inch wide plain belt, with a silver buckle. Not many construction details worth mentioning, just that I did interface the front side, and left the lining side uninterfaced (self-lined using the same wool). I cut my interfacing so that my seam allowances would be uninterfaced, and then put belt & lining right sides together, sewed up the tube, turned right sides out, topstitched, and attached the buckle. Not complicated at all.


Joy said...

Very cool belt! I'd love to see it with an outfit.

ramsy said...

Beautiful, very smart...

Lisa said...

I love your your version of the belt it's gorgeous. I would also love to see it worn but I will await your final pictures for the competition . The rule changes don't sound good !!

Summerset said...

Ok, I'm loving your whole collection. The colors are rich and the pieces are very wearable and can be used so many ways.