Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Accessory Wardrobe - the plan & the pieces

I've been intrigued by the Accessory Wardrobe contest for most of the last month, and thought I might participate in atleast one contest this year. (I was hoping to participate in the wardrobe contest, but the summer months were crazy/insane, and it didn't happen.)

The trouble is - a lot of the accessories you can make for the contest - hats, gloves, aprons, mittens, ties, socks, slippers, fanny packs, headbands, leg-warmers - are items that I just don't wear.

So, my thoughts have revolved around what I can make that will fit my life and personal style.

In the end, I've decided to make the following items:

- A brown pleather obi-style belt (Dawn made a great red leather version here)
- A grey fabric belt of some kind. Most likely, it'll be another obi. I have some light grey wool that I think will work great for this.
- A multicoloured bag (the predominant colour is red.) Bonus? This bag is reversible.
- My black & white striped Infinity scarf.
- A mustard poncho/wrap thing. I was in Hilltribe in Halifax, and was very inspired by some really simple pieces that could be worn in a variety of ways. I want to replicate that.

I'm envisioning all my outfits being worn with a basic black knit dress. (Which I'll need to sew in a hurry!!!!!) I have 4 different looks in mind.

1. Preppie. Basic black dress + infinity scarf + brown belt.
2. Warm. Basic black dress + mustard poncho + brown belt.
3. Pared-down work. Basic black dress + grey belt + bag (solid-side)
4. Global hippie. Basic black dress + brown belt + multi-coloured bag

So - there you go. I have 2 days left - 4 pieces to sew (though of course, everything except the dress is relatively simple, and worst case, I can use an existing dress to model the outfits.)

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AllisonC said...

I thought you were crazy to attempt a wardobe in a few days and now I see its an accessory wardrobe which is do able (for you if not me!). Good luck and BTW I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award on my blog.