Monday, October 18, 2010

Goldilocks & the three pants

These ones are too loose (and also too wide at the bottom.)

(Simplicity 2700 Average Size 12, only alteration was to petite-size them.)

And these are too tight (and too narrow at the bottom).

BWOF 08-2009-110, size 19. (Ok, I should have just cut the damn size 20, but I was being optimistic. Perhaps if I don't eat for a month?)

I'm still searching for just-right.

(Excuse the horribly wet hair - I just got out of the shower.) And also the crap photos, I'll try to get some clearer, daylight ones...


Summerset said...

Aye - yeah somewhere in between those two pair. Maybe the Burdas but one size bigger? Especially if Burda has a draft that you like, it may just be a size issue; I'm not sure if you wanted a narrow leg or not. At this point, you probably just want pants that fit!

connie said...

I too like the shape of the Burda pair on you. Come on Goldilocks, find the "just right" ones!

Clio said...

Definitely the Burda are the better of the two!