Friday, October 01, 2010

In which I feel very silly (and also ask you to do stuff for me)

Ok, what a perfect little storm in a tea-cup. That's what happens when you worry about a contest *before* sufficient cups of coffee.

All ended well. Deepika and Bluenines took care of me, extending the deadline till today, so I could get my entry up. My mom took the photos, I edited my review, and I'm now officially in the contest. Yay!

So, now of course, I'll make my shameless request - please vote for me? My entry is here, and the contest gallery (with all the other awesome entries) is here.

(Ok, a big motivating factor for entering this contest is because I want a Jalie pattern, and am too cheap to buy one. Which is ridiculous on many levels - such as - the cost of the pattern pales into insignificance when compared with, say, the amount I spend on beer. But, of course, with three boxes of patterns in my house, it's hard to justify buying another one. But if I win, and it's free? Super-awesome.)


Lilian said...

Guess who just received my vote!!!
I'm glad you were able to enter the contest. Your pieces look lovely. Good luck!!

Summerset said...

Done. I voted for you. I did look at every contest entry to be fair and your entries resonated with me because they are very wearable, and not costumey. I love the rich colors, too and the versatility of the pieces.

Jackie T said...

Hi Reethi, I've voted for you. Hope you win!!! Fingers and other wobbly bits crossed.

Anonymous said...

what is the Jalie i have to register to vote and is it to late to vote? Very nice ensemble or ensembles !!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job winning by getting votes through your blog, even though you didn't technically qualify!
Pat yourself on the back :)