Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Listening to that little voice in your head

You know that voice? The one that tells you to stop being lazy, and trace that Burda out already, rather than wasting time getting the Simplicity pattern to fit right? For a change, I listened.

So, last night, rather than cutting out the Amazing Fit 12-Slim, I traced out BWOF 08-2007-110 - a petite size, straight-cut pant. This is a pant with a side zipper, but I'm going to alter it so it is a fly-front. Countless RTW pants have convinced me that a side or back zipper on a pant is just weird. (Though, of course, a lot easier.)

Unfortunately, I don't get to sew up this puppy until Friday evening, earliest. A friend is moving to Denmark, and tonight, I'm going to give her clothing advice. (I'm not sure why.) Tomorrow, I've social plans, aargh. So - no finished pants till the weekend.


Summerset said...

Sometimes that's a smart move - you're saving yourself some time and trouble with the fitting if you know the Burda is already a better fit.

Chicago Sarah said...

Smart you! I have a few of the Simplicity perfect fit patterns and I'm afraid to try...just in case they _aren't_ perfect fit. :)