Thursday, October 21, 2010

The ongoing story of Simplicity 2473

Yesterday, I spent most of my evening hanging out with a friend and dropping her off at the airport - she's moving to Denmark.

When I got home, it was close to 9.00pm, and I was exhausted! (Hanging out in an airport without the excitement of a trip is a bit energy-sapping, I think.) I *should* have traced out my BWOF pants, but I couldn't summon up too much enthusiasm for tracing, so instead I lounged around, watched TV, and eventually dragged myself towards an old UFO.

My version of this dress is asymmetric collar + short sleeves + straight skirt. My fabric is a beautiful grey, burgundy and navy houndstooth that I actually found in a thrift store.

Simplicity 2473 has been sitting, pattern and fashion fabric all cut out in my queue since December. In December and January, I had sewing machine issues. In February, I was on vacation. I can't remember what my excuse was March & April, but by the time May had rolled around, I was thinking of summer dresses, and so, this dress got consigned to the UFO basket. (Plus, I hadn't cut out the lining, and I hate cutting out lining. That might have also doomed the dress.)

Anyway, it is now fall, and woolen dresses are useful. So, I'm going to be finishing this one before the next pants effort.

One problem - this dress is cut in a size 10. In December, I think I'd lost a few pounds, I've promptly put them back on. (I yo-yo within a 10 pound range, which wouldn't be too bad if I weren't super-short. However, being super-short, 10 pounds is totally visible, sigh.)

So, yeah, I'm going to be making a dress that I'm not sure will fit. Exciting!

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knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

This is my next planned project. I plan on adding my own twist to it. We can compare notes.