Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rummage Sale Goodness

Saturday morning, I did something that's pretty unheard-of in my world - I set the alarm, and woke up before 10. (Look, don't hate me. I'm single - there are pluses and minuses.)

Why? Because I'd seen a rummage sale advertised at a nearby church, and I was convinced I was going to find stacks of vintage patterns there. (Food, beer, patterns, fabric. Things I'm moved by.)

I didn't find any patterns (insert sad face here) but I found fabric! Yay! Here's what I got:

This is a skirt-kit - the kit has lining, this beautiful yellow fabric (Scottish wool - with label) and even a zipper. I paid $5 for it.

More Scottish wool. Check the tag. Also $5. I see this as a sheath dress. (Seriously, this kind of fabric is stuff I fondle on vacation, and then decide that 100 euros for fabric is a bit much.) It has a bit of an open weave to it, and I'm afraid it'll fray like the devil, so I'll have to do some research into cutting, sewing, etc.

There's only scraps of the red wool, but I thought it'd make a fun tank-top, if I can play with the bias a little. The white on the left - I figured I'd use as the hem of a petticoat. (As if I wear petticoats. It was 50c - I just bought it.)

Mustard dupioni silk - this will become a shirt.

Ombre chiffon-like fabric. I see a dress or a top, but at the same time, sewing with chiffon is the project-from-hell. We'll see.

This blue wool will be a skirt.

Assorted hem & bias tape - I can always use this stuff.

Sleeve presser thing (it is called a clapper, right?) By this time, I'd bought close to everything, so the lady at the counter just gave it to me for 50c. Score!

As if that wasn't enough, I headed over to the linen area, and bought these.

A circular table-cloth that seems destined to become a circle skirt. (My brother pointed out that I'd be walking around in a tablecloth, and then decided it would be no worse than this.

I love vintage embroidered tea-cloths. This one was lovely. I don't have many, since I have no storage room, but it is always a struggle to keep myself from buying them. This time, the tea-cloth won.

And then, there were pretty glasses I couldn't resist.(There's 5 of them.)

It was a *good* rummage sale.

Parting Shot (shamelessly copying Summerset): Never annoy a little Biscuit.

Biscuit is a pretty independent little cat, and she rarely will come sit on my lap. However, as the weather gets cold, she's been significantly more friendly (Reethi = Source of Body Heat.) Here - she's sitting on my lap, disrupting any sewing progress.

And here, she's annoyed with me because I stretched my hand out to answer the phone. Silly Reethi. Sources of body heat are supposed to sit very still.


AllisonC said...

Fab finds, well worth getting up for right?!

Farah said...

What a fantastic load of stuff. i am looking forward to seeing what you so with it all.

Clio said...

What a great haul! For the loosely woven fabric... someone recommended to me that I block interface a loosely woven boucles with pro-sheer interfacing to prevent it from raveling. I haven't gotten around to the particular project yet, but it made a lot of sense if I was going to make a structured garment. This is great interfacing...

Summerset said...

You got some nice stuff!

LOL at Biscuit. Yes, my cats think I'm the "large cat heater", too, along with "food dispenser".

anuradha said...

Adorable!Saw a little Bisky this morning on the way to Cesky Krunlov,peeping from a bag slung over the girls shoulder.Was in this bag for a 2hr.journey!And then there's our Bisky with a mind of her own.......

marijka said...

You have a sleeve board (great tool!), while a clapper is a funky wooden thingy. Even though I'm sure that made perfect sense, here's a photo... :-)

anna said...

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