Sunday, January 16, 2011

BWOF 08-2010-135

It's late, and I'm miserable (nothing actually serious, but a Patriots loss in the post-season - especially to the Jets - is pretty hard to take.) And I'm using that as an excuse for the ratty t-shirt, flip-flops and total lack of makeup in these photos.

This was a super simple skirt to make. I took the liberty of ignoring Burda's entirely nonsensical 'cut the fabric on the double so that you won't have to hem' instructions, and all was well.

Fabric: I bought this fabric during my G-Street crawl. Amazingly enough - I've used 5 of the 7 pieces - that's pretty spectacular fabric usage for me. It is wool, with a bit of stretch in it. I lined it with some Bemberg rayon.

Pattern: BWOF 08-2010-135. I cut a size 40.

Pattern adjustments:
1. I took an inch out from the yoke width to petite-size it.
2. I also ignored (as previously mentioned) the whole cut hem-on-fold thing - and cut a single layer instead.
3. I added 2 inches to the length to get this to a work-acceptable length.
4. I fully lined the skirt, not just the yoke as the pattern indicates.
5. And also, following the suggestion in this useful review and interfaced my yoke pieces. (Thanks, Catherine!)

Time taken: A few hours over a couple of evenings. This is rated 1.5 dots, and is ridiculously easy to make.

In conclusion: I'm not sure what I think of this skirt. Mostly, I think I need to work the accessories. This would be kind of awesome with boots and the right black shirt, not the sad-sack outfits I'm working right now.


AllisonC said...

looks like a great wardrobe piece. Why on earth would you want a double fabric skirt, unless the pattern was designed for very flimsy fabrics. I've got to go and check out those crazy instructions now!

Summerset said...

Seriously, Burda, double cut to eliminate a hem? Ok, I'm with Allison, I must know what that's about. Otherwise, yeah, some boots, tights and a great scarf and you're out the door to work!

SEWN said...

Looks fantastic. I love those side pleats!

Clio said...

Huh. Yeah, I'm scratching my head about the Burda instructions, too. That is just odd. But the skirt looks great!

Kristy said...

I actually like your skirt with a black top, the flip flops maybe not though :)

I have that skirt on my to do list, and wasn't going to do a double fabric either in case it pouffed out at the hem. So I'm glad to see yours came out so well, now I'll go for it