Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Attempting a Frankenpattern - part 2

Summerset had some super-useful advice in response to my post yesterday - thanks, Summerset! I especially liked it because she didn't tell me to do a dart (I am very lazy, dear Readers...) and she thought I should just take the volume out at the side seams. Exactly what I wanted to do! I love when the lazy way is also the recommended way.

I had to work quite late yesterday, and therefore had to cancel my evening plans. I came home, indulged myself by eating some takeout pizza and drinking a glass of wine, and then got to work on the dress. (Yes, my refrigerator is overflowing with food, but I had a huge pizza craving!)

Here's what I got done:

- Trimmed the excess fabric in the top - both lengthwise to waist-level, and along the width at the side-seams to get it to fit my skirt.
- Basted the zipper, and tried on the dress (pinning the side-seams.) It seems to fit ok, though it's hard to tell precisely, since my spaghetti straps aren't in.
- Stitched the front top to the front skirt, and the back top to the back skirt. Seams are a bit more time-consuming, since my fabric frays, making French seams necessary.
- Stitched one side seam.

Tonight, I hope to get the following done:
- Stitch the other side seam.
- Decide what to do about the straps, and get them in. I'm vacillating between spaghetti straps in the fashion fabric or trying to draft up a wider sleeve (a sort of modified raglan sleeve?). I think the wider sleeve would give me more wearing options, and might make this work-appropriate, which would be good.
- Cut out the lining, and stitch (curse you, French seams.)

What do you think, dear Readers? The dress on the left, or the dress on the right (modified sleeves...)


anuradha said...

Like the one on right!

Misafir (Ruth) Geldi said...

The right!

Clio said...

Same here! Love the right.

Summerset said...

I'm not going to be any good here - I like both versions and in my world, either way would need a sweater or jacket. Make what you want! Looks like it is coming along nicely.