Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Dresses in 7 Days - Learnings

Yes, I know Learnings isn't actually a real word. But, as a former consultant, trust me when I say we used this not-word daily.

In the end, even if there weren't 7 dresses, I was pretty pleased with what I accomplished. 5 dresses from stash, 5 never-used patterns from stash, and 5 new mostly-wearable dresses.

I was most excited about using the patterns. I've accumulated 3 boxes of patterns, not counting the Burda magazines, and I'm pretty stoked that I used a few of them in this exercise.

The other thing I liked about this challenge is that it got me to sew daily. I can accomplish a lot if I just sew in 15-minute increments.

Of course, when you are in the midst of self-imposed craziness, things like cooking and cleaning fall by the wayside. Balance is the thing I struggle with on a daily basis. I still need to find time to sew, clean, cook, read, play-with-Biscuit, work-out, practice-my-French, go-out, entertain, drink-beer, all on a consistent, regular basis. This is significantly harder than it seems, but if only I manage to figure this balance thing out, I will attain nirvana. (Figuratively, of course.)

My biggest sewing related learning: I don't sew as much as I think I should because I'm vacillating on what project to work on next. Note to self - vacillate less.


Anonymous said...

WOW! They are very beautiful. My favourite is the red. :-)

Summerset said...

You did great - my fav is the red Burda one!

SEWN said...

Amazing! I wish I had the time to try something like this out.

Claire S. said...

WOW - Way to go !

I think my fav is the Burda, but they are all beautiful :-)

Emilia said...

I love this idea. Soon I will have some time off and might just have to take this challenge myself. Wonderful!

Clio said...

Five is an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!