Monday, May 30, 2011

Sewing Pattern Review - Simplicity 2963

Pattern: Simplicity 2963. I've had this pattern for a really long time, I've never used it.

Fabric: A gift from my aunt. I think this is a silk-cotton mix? Or a really nice kind of cotton. When I first saw this fabric, I thought the color looked kind of like hospital scrubs. After reflection, I've come to like the color on me, I just sadly really don't like the pattern very much... Sigh.

Construction notes: They were fine. I made a size 10 all the way through, and made it shorter so it would hit above my knee. This is a pattern that's pretty good for beginners - apart from the pleating in the bib, there's nothing else that's complicated at all.

Likes/Dislikes: Meh. Perhaps I'll try it with a different belt. I just think that these loose unstructured pieces don't really work well on my body. I'm short and I'm carrying around a few extra pounds. Loose just makes me look huge and shapeless.

This was dress 3, btw.

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