Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back from vacation!

Usually, I don't blog or sew because I'm too busy. This time though, I was also on vacation (yay!), which is the best reason for blog silence, no?

I went to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I loved Copenhagen. Amsterdam was filled with tourists and rainy, but I think I'd enjoy it a lot in spring or fall.

Of course, I bought fabric on vacation. Just one piece in each city though.

Copenhagen, Amsterdam (July 8-18, 2011)

So, I came back Monday afternoon from vacation, all refreshed and renewed, and almost immediately started on a dress. I've been slightly jet-lagged and waking up early, so I used the time well, traced out a BWOF dress from 2008(!), and made it up yesterday. I'm actually wearing it today, so will get a photo this evening. It is an easy jersey dress - 4 pieces, minimal fitting, and perfect in the heatwave that Toronto is going through.


Clio said...

What a great trip! What did you buy??

K.Line said...

Well, I'm almost off to Amsterdam (and Paris) and I hope there are a few people there who aren't tourists - though what am I thinking traveling to Europe in August. I'm almost ready for some cool weather...