Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At an impasse - what should I sew next?

I'm in the rare position, dear Readers, of not having a project in the pipeline. Usually, when I'm posting about a garment, the next garment is already cut out, and I've started work on it. But right now, there's nothing on the sewing table. (Though, of course, there's no shortage of fabric in my closet.)

My problem is that I'm torn between several long projects:

- Make several tops. There's a serious lack of tops in my wardrobe. I've skirts I can't wear because there's no matching top. My oft-worn black t-shirt, bought way back in 2006 is finally too ratty to wear. I need tops!

- Do the Fall 6-PAC. I blame Carolyn for this, really. However, sewing with a plan, while difficult to stick to, always produces those wardrobe basics without which I could never get dressed in the morning.

- Early October, I head off to the south of France for 10 days. I'd dearly like to sew myself a proper travel wardrobe. The French are intimidating dressers, and I crave that Je-ne-sais-quoi! that the French do so well. Perhaps if I sewed a travel wardrobe?

- Or should I forget about all of this, and continue my current pattern of sewing whatever strikes my fancy? There's merits to this approach. Sewing is, after all, my hobby, and sewing randomly is quite fun. However, I tend to randomly sew dresses, not separates, and I do desperately need separates.

So, dear Readers, what should I do? Personally, I'm leaning towards the travel wardrobe, but we'll see.


AllisonC said...

I'm the same, dresses are just fun to make and wear! Why don't you cover all the options and do a travel wardrobe that has lots of tops that can be worn in the fall too?!

SewOm said...

I think you can combine the top 3. Who says your 6pac has to be for work? How about if you make one as a vacation/fun wardrobe? And, you can deliberately include some tops as part of the 6pac. Win-win-win.

PS - thanks for quoting me recently. I appreciate it.

Audrey said...

Do the travel wardrobe...there is nothing better than looking forward to a trip knowing you have the right clothes to take with you!

Anonymous said...

I would head straight for the travel wardrobe, because it's exciting.

Janine said...

SewOm is on the ball - a travel 6pac incorporating a little black top .

Geri said...

I agree with the others - go the Travel Wardrobe! I've always wanted to sew one, but am a very poor planner, and thus usually plan to spend the last few weeks before holidays in a state of panic (this is without the pressure of sewing anything on top!)
However, I think the best thing about the travel wardrobe is that it makes slightly boring basics sewing more exciting. Black basic top to be worn in france, somehow is just that much more appealing!

Clio said...

Well, it's always fun to sew for a trip or special occasion - something you are excited for. But if you really don't know or are at an impasse you could always knock out a few quick tops while you plan your bigger project.

Kay said...

I vote travel wardrobe!! There will be plenty of time later to sew tops. ;)

If you really want to sew top,s throw a few tops in your travel wardrobe.