Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two very spoiled cats

Dear readers, I think I've stated it before, but my mother is a little crazy loves her children's pets very much. Little Biscuit is very, very spoiled, for example.

Well, it isn't just Biscuit. For Christmas, she decided to make the three cats (my one cat, and my brother's two cats) quilts for Christmas. Ahem. The two boys got blue quilts, my little bear gets a pink one.

Of course, my mother is ambitious, but also crazy busy. So, the tops got done, but that's it. Quilting was delegated to me. Sigh. Not exactly fun sewing, but I put my dutiful daughter face on, and did it. (Also, slightly self-centered reason - I've found that practice is actually useful when machine quilting. This was low-pressure practice - the cats don't actually care how good the quilting is.)

Keshav's cats are better behaved than my little devil. In my house, a quilt has just to be laid out, and Biscuit is lying on it in a matter of instants. Keshav's cats though needed treats to be convinced these were for them.

I'm not sure if they decided which quilt belonged to which cat though. They might be still fighting over it.

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