Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing pattern review: BWOF 09-2010-122

Dear readers, if there's one dress I've sewn that I've reached for over and over again, it's my blue version of BWOF 09-2010-122. This dress is lovely, it makes me feel effortlessly stylish, and it works well with a cardigan and tights when it's cooler, and by itself when it's warm. I've worn it to work, I've worn it to parties, I've worn it cleaning... (ok, that last bit is a lie...) I don't think I can overstate how much I love this dress. 

And so, when I was thinking through simplifying my SWAP plans, I was pretty sure I'd be making another version of this dress. 

And here it is, and how I love this version as well! Do I look smug? I feel smug. 

Review stuff:

This time around, I didn't even bother looking at the instructions - I looked quickly at my last version, and got to it. The pattern is incredibly well-drafted, and the numbers on the corners that show you what seam to match up with is all you need to sew this dress. 

Sizing - I cut a size 19 on top, size 20 on the bottom. I shortened it too, I took about 3-4 inches off the original length - this version hits just below the knee.

Other things: 
- The 2.5 dot rating on this top is completely bogus, atleast if you leave off the sleeve flaps. Super easy. I made it in 2 hours, and I'm not fast. 

- As before, I left off the sleeve flaps. I can't see myself in sleeve flaps. 

- I interfaced the armsyce and then just folded it back and sewed down. For the neckline, I contemplated interfacing it, but then got lazy and didn't. I did scoop it slightly deeper than my first version though. 

Et voila! 


Corrine said...

I think your dress is stunning. A wardrobe builder for sure and it looks great on you!

Claire S. said...

No reason you shouldn't look smug - it looks great on you !

Clio said...

You should TOTALLY be smug about this dress - it's fantastic on you!

AllisonC said...

Great dress, this style really suits you and if I could make such a well fitting dress in two hours I would be smug too!

Lilian said...

That's a gorgeous dress. I always think with this style of dress it is hard to get it fit right, but you nailed it! It looks wonderful on you.

Sarah C said...

I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details about the award can be found on my blog.

Summerset said...

Awesome - you look amazing! Isn't it great to find that perfect pattern?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The dress is stunning!!!

liza jane said...

It looks effortlessly stylish. Smugness is completely acceptable ;)