Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sewing pattern review - Simplicity 2936

I bought Simplicity 2936 for it's resemblance to the Violet shirt by Colette Patterns, and a couple of weeks ago, I cut it out at the same time as my McCalls short-sleeve shirt

What a fun pattern! I used a really spring-like cotton for this, fabric that I'd bought sometime last year at Fabricland. I really loved how this turned out, and in fact, I wore it out the same day I finished it.

I've nothing useful to say about the instructions, I barely glanced at them. Here's things to note:

- I made a size 10 in the bust area, size 12 waist and hip.
- I was looking for a super-boxy top - this is actually a little bit fitted. Next go around, I think I'll add a bit of room to the hips to make it more floaty.
- The sleeves take up a lot of fabric! I shortened them somewhat, cause I was running out of fabric. In a perfect world, I think I'll add another inch or two to the sleeve length.
- The button placket is really wide. I should have interfaced it, I think - it sort of collapses a little, and I did tug at my top a lot as I wore it, since I was afraid of a combination of the wide neckline and gaping. It isn't bad - but it made me self-conscious, and it's easily fixed on the next go-around.

Up next is one of my favorite dress patterns. I've already cut it out and started to sew it - I've about an hour of work to finish it - tomorrow evening?

Or maybe I should just clean the patio instead - it's super dusty and gross. Bore.

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Shannon said...

Such a pretty blouse - you look fabulous in it too!!