Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Black and White striped t-shirt

Evidently, I feel some guilt about the immense amount of stash accumulation that's happening chez moi. And so, this striped fabric - bought over Easter weekend in New York - was very promptly transformed into a t-shirt.

I used my Banana Republic pattern, but finished the neck off with elastic, vs. a neck band. (I tried the neck band, but hated the look, and spent some quality time with a seam ripper.)

I really like this pattern - it's easy and comfortable. I anticipate making many more!


anuradha said...

Looks very nice,saw it in person too!

Carolyn said...

It looks just lovely! I giggled at "quality time with a seam ripper" but your top is delightful so it was worth going with this neckline, methinks.

Marianne said...

First off, kudos for making the t-shirt! Looks cool. Second, you look really comfortable in it. It suits you. The neckline's complimentary.