Thursday, April 12, 2012

This and that

1. Do not sew at midnight, people. Nothing good happens at midnight. I made a series of unfortunate decisions with my hoodie that will require a few hours with a seam ripper this weekend. Gah. I wanted to wear the hoodie today, but that just isn't going to happen.

(Since when did I get picky anyway? Life was a lot easier when I didn't care if something was a bit off.)

2. Me-Made-May '12: Zoe's latest Me-Made challenge led to a bunch of thoughtful posts around blogworld, and the aspect of challenging yourself got me started to think about what I wanted to get out of Me-Made-May.


Since I started sewing, I've tapered down on shopping for clothes, and basically, at this point, I really don't buy RTW at all. (I bought a pair of jeans recently, but I think that was the only RTW I've bought in 12 months.) There's not much point - I have plenty of fabric, and I can sew. So, getting to wear the clothes you make doesn't really apply to me - I sort of do it anyway, just out of necessity. (I have plenty of RTW in my wardrobe though, and I do wear it often, however, any replacements for worn-out things are self-sewn.)

But I adore the community aspect of Me-Made! I love the enthusiasm people show, I love seeing how people wear their creations, and I love the whole idea of integrating your self-sewn wardrobes with your every day life. 

I'll be honest, in recent months, I haven't been approaching Me-Made with the same enthusiasm though. On the last challenge, I decided it was too much of a chore to participate. The previous one (June '11), I abandoned half-way. I enjoyed playing in March '11, in September '10 (though evidently I never did a round-up post), but I was my most enthusiastic in May '10.

This is ridiculous, of course. Internet challenges are entirely voluntary - why would I do them without enthusiasm?

So, my personal Me-Made-May '12 challenge - to enjoy the process. To enjoy taking my photo - to enjoy posting it on Flickr, to enjoy writing little blog posts about them. Oh, and if I can do it with more style? That would be pretty awesome too.

Wow, that was a marathon of writing. I now have nothing more to say. :)


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Good post. Like you, I haven't bought RTW forever. I do relish making new and challenge projects but agree that sometimes taking the photos a blogging about each project is a pain sometimes. TFS. Look forward to reading your MMM posts.

Janine said...

Ah I relate to midnight sewing - I sewed some fairy skirts for my three young daughters xmas eve/xmas day really since it was so late - that was really slapdash embarrassing sewing but my children were so little they didn`t realise - I could always say the elves were tired or something.

Jean C. said...

Besides... your the one you have to please... the Fabric/Sewing Police will not show up at your door to drag you away kicking and screaming because you didn't finish something! First look into your closet at all the wonderful items that you have finished and enjoy... then go too (your sewing machine) and make more! LoL.... Life is too short to always do the things you don't enjoy and wonder what you did with all your time!