Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random mumblings

- It was the last day of the SWAP yesterday. I think I've made enough pieces to function as a cohesive whole. I was going to take photos last night, but was at work late (ugh!), and so I've earmarked some time this evening to take photos.

- I'm pretty excited to be done with the SWAP. We'll see how many pieces actually get used all the time, but I'm optimistic. I'm wearing one of the pieces today!

- A little bit of a quandary on what to sew next.

- A while back, I cut out a yellow dress, I should finish it.

- I'm getting incredibly good use out of my hoodie (I use it practically daily.) I should make another one!

- Any kind of outerwear will get disproportionate use, worth remembering.

- For the rest of the year, I'd like to tackle more complicated projects - jackets, pants (I think pants are complicated!), etc.

- I haven't made a single Burda pattern from this year's supply of magazines. That's ridiculous, people. If I don't sew something from the April and May issues in May - I'm not allowed to buy the June issue. (And I want to buy the June issue!) But, I don't want to 'cheat' by making a super-simple t-shirt either.

- I'm off Friday morning to Tampa for the weekend - a friend's wedding. I have most of Friday to myself. Any Tampa readers?

- I'm on a fabric fast the rest of the year. Or so I think. (My brother and I have a bet on this, since he mocked my fabric fast. I've $50 riding on it, so, whenever I look at a piece of fabric, I'll have to ask, is it worth it's selling price + $50? Thankfully, the answer has been "No" so far.)

- Though, I'm going on vacation in June, and it'll be hard not to buy a piece of vacation fabric. Hmm. Maybe I can bargain for an exemption...

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Kay said...

pictures, picturess?? :)