Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blue pants - Simplicity 3850

Pants are my biggest wardrobe hole, and while it's easy to avoid wearing pants in the summer, as the weather gets cooler, I find myself wishing I sewed more of them. And therefore, when I was looking for something to sew, I dug deep in the pattern stash to find Simplicity 3850.

The fabric is a pale blue stretch denim-ish cotton. It was a gift from a friend. For the longest time, I've been uncertain of what I'd actually do with this fabric - it isn't really the type of thing I'd pick out for myself, but I decided that a wearable muslin of Simplicity 3850 was a perfectly good use for it.

I cut a size 12, but was still nervous that the pants might be too tight. (Weight gain is a bitch.) So, I sewed  my side and inner leg seams as 1/4 inch seams, vs. the 5/8" the pattern is drafted for. The pants are therefore a tad too loose, but that might be the stretch as well.

The instructions are ok, I did follow them for the fly front, since I couldn't be fussed to find the simpler, Sandra Betzina set.

After all that, what do I think?

Pros: I used some fabric, I made pants, these fit ok in the front.
Cons: The fit on the back isn't great, and I need to keep hitching them up, it is too loose at the waist and hip. Also, about an inch too short.

Still, it got me back to sewing and blogging, and that's pretty awesome. And I would make these pants again, with the proper seam allowances and with a no-stretch fabric.

Incidentally, readers, if you know things about pant fitting - I will be everlastingly grateful if you leave me comments telling me what I'm doing wrong - the back fit is not ideal, and looking at the front pictures, there's some wrinkling there too! 

Up next, a mock-wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves - already cut out, and a free evening tomorrow to sew them up, hopefully. Yes!


Anonymous said...

You made pants! am trying to work on my basic pants block, wish me luck.
You can find some information here on pants fitting issues and what the different wrinkles mean and how they can be corrected.
Hope that helps

Claire S. said...

You finished them ! Those back wrinkles are so problematic - lots of pant fitting posts on PR. I haven't found the just right combination of tweaking yet though. Good luck :-)

gentlydowntheseam said...

Nice to see a post from you!

I was just looking up on all pant fitting posts as I have a pants class starting next week at Brampton and I wanted to equip myself with some basic fitting knowledge.

Colette has a basic pants fitting tips and also an elaborate pants fitting cheat sheet. Check those out!

I have put on some weight too and none of my pants fit anymore, hence the need for a pants class! :o