Wednesday, December 05, 2012

One striped mess

Way back in the time tunnel (August, I think?) - I'd just moved into my house - the sewing room was in an uproar, and I desperately needed to sew. And so, I pulled out McCalls 6400 - previously made here, decided that a fabric with stripes would be *interesting*, and got to work.

End result - this hot mess, that I've only worn underneath cardigans, for fear of being laughed off the face of the planet.

This fabric actually shows all the fit issues that I had with my first version. Most frustratingly, a pleat of fabric seems to have formed under my right breast, and I have to keep tugging it down. It's a bit snug at the hip, so I'm not sure if that's why - it could also be somehow grain-related - the top keeps twisting on itself as well. Let's just say hot mess and leave it at that, shall we?

It's a huge pity though - this fabric would have been the most awesome striped t-shirt, or a cardigan or something. Wadders suck.


Clio said...

Gah! I really want this top to work. It stinks when a great idea (the stripes!) somehow falls short when actualized.

Gillian said...

Bahahaha - I made almost exectly the same top last weekend, with the same results! min is a self-drafted kimono tee in a small stirpe, and man oh man, is it unflattering by itself! Like you I'm hoping to hide most of it under a cardigan... but isn't it annoying when easy, relaxing sewing goes wrong? Sigh.

sophie (monbouton) said...

Hum, it was a good idea to use stripes - but maybe your stripes don't want to work with this pattern!
This kind of things also seem to happen to me when I just feel the urge to sew anything!!