Sunday, February 17, 2013

A sweater attempt with Simplicity 3568

Dear readers, I've been pretty good about keeping the fabric purchases under control (only lining bought so far in 2012, no actual fabric yet!), but I'm coveting sweater knits. It's partly the cold, it's freezing outside, and not that much warmer inside my house. Also, all my sweaters/cardigans were purchased about 5 years ago (or more) and I desperately need to make myself replacements. (Without making a thing out of it, I've largely given up on store-bought clothes - I bought a pair of jeans last year, some lingerie this year, but that's it, I think, in terms of RTW purchases recently.)

However, I did have this mustard fabric that was suitable for sweater making, and so I pulled out Simplicity 3568, and got to work yesterday. The pattern wasn't ideal - for starts, it seems to have been drafted both for knits and wovens, and the cowl neck instructions are frankly insane. The sleeves are also crazy-wide, and the fit is more boxy than I wanted. 

Still, it had the basics of what I wanted, and so I got to work - I sewed it up, tried it on, and then pinched out width from the sleeves and the sides. Except, unfortunately, I got a bit carried away - the fit is now too tight in the under-arm area. Sigh. It's wearable though, and unbelievably toasty - just not exactly what I wanted. 

You can see the fit issues here - lots of wrinkling around the under-arm, extending to the bust. Meh.

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Adrienne said...

Hey Reethi! Nice meeting you yesterday. I love the colour and cowl of your top. Here are the pictures of our meeting!