Friday, March 01, 2013

Has PatternReview jumped the shark?

Ok - I'm not actually deliberately trying to be controversial here. But I do wonder... has PatternReview jumped the shark?

Specifically causing me to ask the question - it's March 1 - I went on to see what the contests were. There's one running now, the fitted blouse contest, and one upcoming contest - the Pattern Stash  contest (starts March 15.) Neither appear to have a prize attached to it.

Back in Jan/Feb - the Handbag contest ran for a full month with no prize. In fact, winners have been picked - no prize?

In the last 5 years I've been part of Pattern Review - every single contest has had a prize. Sometimes, things I want to win, sometimes, things I'm not really that interested in - but without exception - every single contest has had a prize.

So, what gives? Is this "no prize for contests" a new thing? Or is this just stuff slipping through the cracks?  


KayoticSewing said...

Reethi, it's mentioned on the contests msg board

First Prize is an PR Online Class.
Second prize is a choice of pattern from Pattern Review.

KayoticSewing said...

I see what you mean though.. looks like the prizes aren't always announced until much later.... not giving enough time to decide whether you want to participate or not.

cidell said...

From prior convos with other moderators, I know there was concern over people joining a contest JUST to get a prize. I think it was starting to take some of the fun of just competing out. Plus, the contests started as a way of motivating people. Then, when the prizes came along, it got far more competitive and not as 'fun' for others. That's my recollection. That being said, I've entered two contests ever and have definitely never won!

Reethi said...

@Kay - I cyber-stalked it pretty closely, cause it was bothering me, the handbag contest closed without any mention of a prize - the prize must be an add.

@Cidell - interesting! I personally am motivated by the prize, even though I'll never win it - PR has some very talented sewists!