Monday, July 15, 2013

June happenings

What a terrible blogger I've been! Summer blogging is always a bit sparse in my world - but this summer has been especially bad. Since I bought the house last year, there's always some house project to do, seriously cutting into sewing and blogging time.

Anyhoo - I didn't really mean to sew another quilt, but at the start of June, I found myself shopping my mother's stash, pulling out fabrics that were very non-me. My quilting style tends to favour a lot of white paired with bright solids - this time, I pulled out the most subdued fabrics, the biggest prints, etc. and got to work.

And it is in fact very un-me. But in a good way - it isn't the normal colour palette I use, but I really love it.

I was also in New York in the middle of June for a weekend, catching up with some old friends, and one of them is going to have a baby. I had three months to make a baby quilt, but since I had all my quilting stuff handy, I pulled out some brights, used the same pattern, and got to work. We don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet, so I used all the colours of the rainbow, and made something that's hopefully colourful and fun.

And the garden! I've been dreaming about a curved pathway since I got the house. We finally put it in a couple of weekends ago. This is a pretty crappy shot of it, and it still needs to be filled in with soil in the bits that are bare earth right now, but here's the pathway so far. I did a fair bit of the work myself (and roped in friends for the rest) and I'm really proud of it. Plus, it even managed not to wash away in the flood we had, so yay!

In actual sewing news, there's been a half-finished dress on my sewing table for about 3 months. Sigh. I've been roped in for a project that's keeping me busy, but once July is over, I'm hoping to be able to get back to garment sewing... Fingers crossed!


Kristy said...

Having a house is like having children - they are a major time vacuum! Your garden is starting to take shape and will look really awesome when the plants are in

KayoticSewing said...

Wow!! Did you do it yourself??

I love curved pathways too! DH vetoed against it as he's the one mowing the backyard lawn.(smirks)

Btw, are you getting my emails? Will you be coming for the Aug 10th sewing meetup? I will bring the Burda I borrowed from you.

Unknown said...

The curved pathway looks awesome!!!!! Also i love the new quilt top you did...looks i think better than the colorful one...

dekoracje z filcu said...

I have very similar curved pathways! Really! The same shape ;) In my country it calls: filc dekoracyjny - dekoracje z filcu"